Stain on the carpet! Is there also anything else about Siebert?

Nothing contributes more to feel good in your own home in as a clean and pleasant atmosphere. But every day is made up of dust and dirt into your carpets and upholstery firm. Vacuuming alone is not enough to remove deep-seated dirt and harmful mite allergens. With the Spray Extraction of Tuba Clean You can even effortlessly simply all of your carpets, rugs , upholstery, car seats and mattresses cleaned hygienically and maintained , without spending much money on it!

Purity , protection and care for your home.

Even stubborn stains and odors are fiber and fabrics gently dissolved and removed completely. Colors shine with the new Frische. Wichtig for homes cleans the dust for the allergy sufferers: The cleaning with the tuba Clean Spray Extraction significantly reduces the charge of house dust mite allergens allergies . Hygienic cleanliness , you can breathe easy!

Clean and care as a professionals – with Siebert and Clean easy Tuba.

The powerful Spray Extractor carpet and upholstery spray the cleaning fluid deep into the carpet pile or cushion into it and sucks it in the same operation together with the dissolved dirt again. The professional lightweight rotary machine with 3m cable and flexible hose can be convenient and easy use and transport . The special upholstery nozzle for clash royale hack 2017 no verification cleaning upholstery, mattresses and car seats you can have for free. The Spray Extraction and the special cleaning and care products are recommended by leading carpet and upholstery manufacturers to expert, fiber and fabrics gentle deep cleansing.