Tips for carpet cleaning

Did you lie on the floor of a house or apartment with expensive carpets , then you would like a long clean and fresh with a good carpet cleaning. Here to help always new products that do not always deliver what they promise and which can often bring only a short term cleaning today.

In the following article we will show you that you can clean your carpet with the best tricks and tips of your grandma wonderfully even without abrasive cleaning agents and modern cleaning equipment.

Of course, promise the modern means of carpet cleaning maximum cleaning performance. But who reads the warnings on the packaging, but rather wants to use the tips and tricks of his grandmother when cleaning. Now that Grandma would recommend sauerkraut as a natural cleaner for the carpet and this should be put well drip dry raw sauerkraut on the stained carpet and thus rub the carpet vigorously.

Then sweep up the sauerkraut with the broom and strong with a vacuum cleaner reasonably eyes all residues. For the carpet cleaning salt can also be a useful tool , because after years of use darkens so many rug has significantly after . Spread the salt is now very generous on the carpet and dampened it with an atomizer, it just needs to leave work an hour and after vacuuming you can see how nice and bright the carpet can now be back.

So you can well instaspy also clean stains such as blood or human waste , if you sprinkle salt on it , rubbing it vigorously and then sucks.